Orthodontic Services in Glastonbury, CT

Improving the alignment of your smile has many advantages. The first, of course, being your appearance. Orthodontic treatment from our orthodontist, Dr. Richard Risinger, can improve your dental health as well, though, and prevent future problems from occurring. Our treatments can also enhance your overall quality of life! At Risinger Orthodontics, we offer the following orthodontic services in Glastonbury, Connecticut:

If your dentist has suggested that you or a member of your family should look into orthodontic treatment, or if you have decided that you would like to straighten your smile, we will be happy to see you. You can make an appointment with Dr. Risinger for your free initial consultation by calling 860-633-8321 today. Along with a healthier mouth, you and your family can enjoy treats, our movie theater and arcade, and a fun, friendly team that will make you feel right at home. We will even let you brush your teeth and “spruce up” before you see Dr. Risinger!