What is the Best Age for Orthodontic Treatment?

Getting orthodontic treatment is a big decision! Before taking that step, many of our patients want to ensure they know the best age to see an orthodontist. 

While the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthodontist by their seventh birthday, there are other factors to consider when choosing the right time to get braces or aligners. 

Keep reading to learn more about key orthodontic milestones and what to expect from treatment.

When is the Right Time to See an Orthodontist?

A woman thinks about what age she needs to be in order to visit an orthodontist.

Orthodontics for Teenagers and Children

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a child receive their first orthodontic check-up by age seven. By this age, most children have enough permanent teeth to diagnose any current or potential issues with their bite and jaw. Your orthodontist may suggest early treatment or decide it’s best to monitor your child’s bite development and possibly start treatment later.

Providing early treatment can help: 

  • •  Guide jaw and bite development
  • •  Make it easier to brush and floss
  • •  Prevent more serious conditions
  • •  Allow future treatment to be shorter and less complicated
  • •  Correct bad oral habits like thumb sucking
  • •  Build a relationship with oral health providers

Orthodontics for Adults

More adults than ever are investing in orthodontic treatment to help align their teeth. Cutting-edge clear aligners and ceramic braces can provide massive advantages, including looking and feeling better and preventing orthodontic conditions from worsening without affecting your lifestyle.

Adults are often better positioned to benefit from orthodontic care because they are more diligent about complying with their treatment plan.

What to Expect from the First Consultation?

Your first consultation is the perfect opportunity for us to learn more about your orthodontic goals. We will ask you to complete a dental and medical history form and give you an office tour.

Dr. Rick will also:

  • •  Conduct an oral exam — including scanning a 3D image of your smile
  • •  Assess any orthodontic issues
  • •  Discuss treatment options
  • •  Create a custom treatment plan
  • •  Review our payment options
  • •  Answer your questions about treatment
  • •  Schedule your next appointment
Portrait of a young woman having dental work done on her teeth

Still Wondering When to See an Orthodontist?

You should visit an orthodontist whenever you have questions about your — or your loved ones — teeth or jaw alignment or if changes occur in your bite. You may experience subtle discomfort or significant pain. Orthodontic issues can also make it difficult to chew, speak, or breathe.

Risinger Orthodontics is here to help. We have years of experience correcting various conditions, including:

  • •  Crowded teeth
  • •  Gapped teeth
  • •  Crooked teeth
  • •  Jaw misalignment
  • •  Overbite
  • •  Underbite
  • •  Crossbite

An aligned smile can boost your confidence and ensure your teeth are healthy for years to come.

The Best Age for Orthodontic Treatment Varies, So Let Us Help!

It’s always a good time to invest in the health of your teeth. If you’re wondering if clear aligners or braces can give you a healthy smile, contact us to learn how we can help.

The team at Risinger Orthodontics has over 52 years of experience helping create stunning smiles in Central Connecticut. We can’t wait to meet you and your family and learn more about your orthodontic goals.