Invisalign Teen®

Invisalign Teen

The ease and flexibility of Invisalign Teen matches any busy teenager’s lifestyle.
Invisalign Teen’s lightweight design lets your teen enjoy a more comfortable treatment.

What is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is one of the most dependable advancements in orthodontic technology. Rather than using metal bands, brackets, or wires, Invisalign uses a system of aligners to transform your teen’s smile gradually. These lightweight aligner sets let patients enjoy a much more comfortable treatment. 

During treatment, your teen will need to wear their aligner set for 20-22 hours a day to get the best results from Invisalign Teen. After 7-10 days of wear, they will need to replace their aligner with the next one in the set. 

As an Invisalign Diamond practice, Risinger Orthodontics is among the top 1% of orthodontists offering Invisalign Teen. We have over 52 years of experience helping people achieve radiant smiles across Central Connecticut. 

It’s always the right time to consider braces. Get started by scheduling an in-office consultation for your teen now.

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Is My Child A Candidate For Invisalign?

Before we can recommend your child for Invisalign, you will need to schedule a complimentary smile consultation. We offer the ability to complete this step online or in-person. We will look at their teeth and investigate the underlying causes for their misalignment. 

During your in-person consultation, we will use our high-tech diagnostic equipment and digital x-rays to pinpoint the source of your child’s alignment issues. This information helps us strategize and create a plan for their treatment.

If you opt for virtual consultation, all you need is your phone to send us five teeth selfies. We will use this information to create an estimate for your total treatment plan. Once we’ve finished looking at your results we will send you a written response, a video — or both — that includes detailed next steps. 

Some signs your child may benefit from Invisalign include:

Investing in your child’s smile is always a smart decision. Schedule your virtual or in-person consultation now

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What Are The Benefits of Invisalign For Teens?

Invisalign Teen lets your kid focus on getting the most out of their adolescence. It’s no secret that the middle school and high school years can be some of the most difficult times in a young person’s life. 

These transparent aligners are practically unnoticeable and can be taken out at a moment’s notice. Your teen won’t have to worry about how their mouth looks during those key milestones like graduation, prom, or spur-of-the-moment selfies.

But there are so many other benefits to Invisalign:

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Your child’s smile is something that lasts forever. They deserve a premium Invisalign Teen treatment from a board-certified orthodontist. Risinger Orthodontics patients enjoy the dual perks of a premium experience in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. We have helped countless people across the Central Connecticut area achieve their best smile. Get started on your smile journey today with a virtual or in-person consultation. We are also available over the phone at 860-633-8321.