Orthodontic Elastics

a graphic of a teeth model with braces and a red elastic band

At first glance, your braces may look pretty complicated. While they are actually not too complex, they do have a number of components that need to work together to straighten your smile. One of those components is elastics, which are frequently known as rubber bands. After all, that is what they are! Technically speaking, the elastics connect the arch wire to your brackets, helping to move your teeth. They can also be used to connect the brackets of your upper and lower teeth. In this case, they are known as interarch bands. It will be your job to change these bands out as often as our orthodontist tells you to.

While some patients may be allergic to the elastics, most people are just fine with them. The rubber is natural latex, so there is usually no problem. However, if you do notice irritation or inflammation, you should contact our orthodontist right away. One of the great things about your elastics is that the bands come in all sorts of colors, so they can be a great way to individualize your braces!

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