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Benefits of a Risinger Virtual Consultation

Convenience and Comfort

Start your smile journey from the comfort of your home. After you upload your images, we will contact you with Dr. Ricks treatment recommendations.

Fewer Office Visits

Many of the check-up appointments can be done virtually which saves you time and gas!

Quick Answers

We provide you with treatment and pricing option in just a few days! Now you can have options and answers ASAP!

Secure and Private

Virtual consultations offer you a private way to seek answers about orthodontic health. Any information you share is HIPPA compliant, and we will protect your sensitive information.

3 Simple Steps
to start your smile journey

Step 1

Click the link below and you will be taken to the virtual screening tool. 

Step 2

Follow the steps and submit your photos for Dr. Rick to review.

Step 3

Once Dr. Rick reviews your photos you will receive an email with the next step to getting started with your treatment.

A photo of a set of aligned teeth from the front.

Front Teeth

A photo of a set of aligned teeth from the left side.

Left Side

A photo of a set of aligned teeth from the right side.

Right Side

A photo of a set of upper teeth in a mirror.

Upper arch

A photo of a set of bottom teeth in a dental mirror.

Lower Arch