At Risinger Orthodontics, we understand the importance of a beautiful and healthy smile. We offer personalized treatment and care tailored to each individual’s unique needs. The cost of orthodontics can vary depending on several factors.

 We  offer flexible payment plans, dental insurance, and other options to help make your dream smile a reality. 

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Factors That Affect Braces Cost

So, how do we determine how much your braces will cost? 

 The cost of your orthodontic treatment may vary depending on your insurance policy and financing options.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Rick will: 

Below, we’ve listed a few main factors affecting braces prices. 

Orthodontic Issues

Every smile is unique and requires different levels of care. More cosmetic issues, such as minor crowding of teeth and minor gapping in teeth, require fewer appointments and less orthodontic care. 

At Risinger Orthodontics, we specialize in creating your most perfect smile. However, some more advanced issues may require more time and resources to correct. 

Examples of these include:

Placing your smile in the hands of our highly qualified professionals at Risinger Orthodontics means paying for exceptional care. During your initial appointment, Dr. Rick will help you determine the most suited plan for your smile and budget.

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Treatment Length

Treatment length also affects the cost of braces. More time wearing braces means more appointments and appliances to bring your teeth into optimal positioning. 

The final price varies drastically depending on treatment length. Patients with only minor orthodontic needs may only wear their braces for a year. In contrast, patients needing bite correction or other major orthodontic treatment may wear braces longer.

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Type of Braces

Our patients can often choose from various braces types to achieve their upgraded smile.

Today’s braces have evolved from the bulky and unappealing braces of the past. At our practice, we offer both metal and clear braces that are suitable for patients of all ages, including adults, teenagers and children.

Invisalign’s clear, removable, and comfortable aligners are designed to fit your lifestyle. At our practice, we offer Invisalign for patients of all ages, including adults, teens, and children.​​ As a Diamond Provider of Invisalign®, we are experts in using these aligners to give you the best possible results.

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Average Cost of Braces

Everyone deserves a beautiful and healthy smile. With your unique treatment plan, we also offer unique payment options, accepting many forms of dental insurance to help offset the cost of braces. 

The cost of braces varies, depending on your specific needs. During your initial appointment, talk to Dr. Rick about your individualized treatment plan and payment options to establish the smile of your dreams.

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Insurance & Payment Plans

Dr. Rick wants all his patients to have peace of mind regarding their orthodontic care. Seeking a healthy smile should be as stress-free as possible. Our caring staff will happily review your insurance policy to confirm your orthodontic treatment is covered.

If you have no insurance but still desire orthodontic care, we offer financing options to help fit your budget. Monthly payments and other forms of financing help make braces affordable. 

Talk to our team at Risinger Orthodontics about the best options for your budget.

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Start Your Journey With Braces Today!

Patients throughout the Central Connecticut area rave about the results of Dr. Rick’s orthodontic care. Are you excited to pursue a healthy, gorgeous smile? Let us walk beside you in your journey, offering quality care for your teeth. 

To learn more about achieving a radiant smile and the cost of braces treatment, check out our FAQ page or call us at 860-633-8321. We look forward to your initial consultation at Risinger Orthodontics, where we will provide a unique plan to keep you smiling through the years.

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