Orthodontic Headgear

Orthodontic Headgear

For your treatment to be as effective as possible, our orthodontist, Dr. Richard Risinger, may want you to wear headgear while you have your braces on. Orthodontic headgear is used to help with the most severe of misalignment issues, and it is sometimes the only way to correct these sorts of issues. While headgear might be seen or thought of as dorky or uncool, it can make a huge difference in the lives of our patients, and we would not recommend it unless we truly believed it was the best option.

Orthodontic headgear creates the strong pressure needed to correct serious orthodontic problems and is very effective. The treatment time is often about the same length as that of traditional braces, but we assure you that wearing headgear for a temporary length of time will always be better than dealing with a major issue down the road that can only be fixed through surgery.

Deciding to begin orthodontic headgear treatment is a big choice, especially because it is often recommended for younger children whose jaws are still growing but who might feel the most embarrassment and anxiety about wearing it. You can learn more about orthodontic headgear in Glastonbury, Connecticut, by calling 860-633-8321 to make your appointment at Risinger Orthodontics. Our caring team will answer any further questions you have about your treatment options and will work with you to find the best path for your future smile.

Orthodontic headgear is a very important part of some patients’ treatments. Headgear creates the force needed to guide the growth of the face and jaws until they are in their proper positions. It is also used to properly position teeth and prevent them from moving. We may recommend headgear if braces alone cannot accomplish the desired results. There are two main types of orthodontic headgear that are often used; our orthodontist will determine which is best suited to your unique needs. Each type of headgear attaches to your braces to achieve proper positioning of the jaw and teeth.

Consistently using your orthodontic headgear can give you the best possible results. Be certain to follow the instructions we give you so that your headgear will do its job as efficiently as possible. Some of the general instructions we suggest that you follow include:

  • Use care when you remove your headgear to avoid injury to your lips and cheeks, and to prevent damaging your appliance.
  • Never remove your headgear before the straps are disconnected.
  • Never lift the headgear over your face.
  • Never wear your headgear while playing sports.

When you visit our orthodontist, be sure to bring your headgear with you to your appointment. During these visits, we can tell you what you can do to care for your headgear more effectively, and we will also answer any questions you have. Our team at Risinger Orthodontics invites you to contact us today if you would like more information about the benefits of headgear.