How Often Do You Go To The Orthodontist After Braces?

Now that your braces are off, you can finally enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile. Of course, you will need to preserve their new alignment.

At Risinger Orthodontics, we follow a post-braces treatment plan that helps you maintain the ideal position of your teeth. This plan typically involves very easy virtual retainer checks. 

These small steps in caring for your teeth make all the difference in preserving your upgraded smile. 

Post-Braces Treatment and The Importance of Retainers

Dr. Rick recommends wearing a retainer to keep your smile in its ideal position. These custom-fit retainers are shaped to help your new smile stay in place. Wearing it is important because your teeth can often shift back into their pretreatment position without a retainer. 

Dr. Rick suggests wearing your retainer as often as possible for 3-6 months (while the teeth are more susceptible to movement). After 3-6 months (with Dr. Rick’s approval), patients can switch to wearing retainers while sleeping. 

Be sure to wear your retainer as often as recommended and complete all virtual appointments to keep your teeth gleaming in their new, proper place. 

Close up of a woman holding a plastic and wire retainer and a clear aligner tray

How Many Orthodontist Appointments After Braces?

After completing your braces treatment, you will only need to complete quick virtual retainer checks. These check-ups involve uploading photos of your teeth with your retainer in place. If we identify any issues, we’ll have you come in for an office visit. 

Going too long without a retainer causes teeth to relapse into their previous positioning, undoing the hard work of your braces. If you lose your retainer, call Risinger Orthodontics immediately. Our team of helpful orthodontic specialists will assist you in replacing the retainer.

Continue Your Smile Journey With Risinger Orthodontics

Taking care of your teeth is a journey. After finishing your braces treatment, you’ll need to follow a few new routines to care for your teeth. Appliances like retainers let you enjoy the freedom of your new smile while also increasing its longevity. 

We are here to help you achieve and keep healthy, straight teeth. Contact our post-braces treatment experts today to learn more about retainers and the best plan for you.