Trust Your Smile With an Invisalign Diamond+ Provider

Are you dreaming of a straight, bright, confident smile? Risinger Orthodontics can help you achieve it with cutting-edge Invisalign treatment near Hartford. Dr. Rick is an Invisalign Diamond+ provider, placing him as a top 1% provider in the nation!

Our Glastonbury office is conveniently located near Hartford, across from Healthtrax and next to M&T Bank at 88 Citizens Drive, Glastonbury, CT 06033.

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How Invisalign Treatment with Diamond+ Provider Elevates Your Smile

At Risinger Orthodontics, we want to give you reasons to show off your beautiful smile. Invisalign offers a revolutionary way to achieve that: using a series of clear, removable aligners custom-made for you! Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth discreetly.

These comfortable aligners gently apply constant light pressure to your teeth, gradually shifting them into their ideal positions. Dr. Rick, a Diamond+ Invisalign provider, is among the nation’s top 1% of Invisalign doctors. This prestigious status reflects his extensive experience and expertise crafting customized treatment plans for optimal results.

Over the course of your treatment, Dr. Rick will closely monitor your progress and provide you with new aligner sets as your teeth move. Over time, these gentle adjustments will transform your smile, revealing the confident grin you’ve always dreamed of.

Invisalign Treatments Available 15 Minutes From Hartford, CT

Risinger Orthodontics offers both Invisalign Teen and Invisalign for adults, ensuring a simple and easy path to a confident smile at any stage of life!

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Invisalign Teen Near Hartford

Teenagers have a LOT going on in their life! Between extracurriculars and big life changes, your teen deserves a beautiful smile with more freedom and flexibility. Here at Risinger Orthodontics, we are masters of the Invisalign Teen system, which features:

With Invisalign Teen aligners, your teen can smile confidently throughout every stage of treatment!

Invisalign for Adults

It’s never too late for a straighter, more confident smile! With Invisalign for adults, you can finally enjoy the benefits of a straighter smile, including:

No matter your age, it’s always a good time to get the smile of your dreams!

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Start Your Hartford Invisalign Treatment Today!

Ready to embark on your smile journey with Invisalign? Risinger Orthodontics, conveniently located near Hartford, CT, makes achieving your dream smile a breeze!

As a Diamond+ Invisalign provider, Dr. Rick and our expert team can treat even the toughest cases with Invisalign. We leverage over 52 years of experience to craft personalized treatment plans to give teens and adults reasons to smile throughout their treatment journey. Our practice is the best place to go for Invisalign in Hartford, CT. Schedule your consultation today and experience the Risinger difference!