Can I Get My Braces Off Early?

Braces improve the beauty and alignment of your teeth, correcting bite problems and offering you the healthiest smile possible. Innovations in alignment technology allow patients to enjoy a smile more quickly than in the past. However, it’s important to remember that lasting results take time and commitment

Early braces removal is not usually recommended, but Dr. Rick may recommend early removal if he is certain it won’t compromise your results. Let’s look at how long treatment times typically last and how you can ensure your braces are taken off on time.

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How Long Are Braces Typically Worn?

Each patient requires a unique orthodontic treatment plan. Treatment plans can range from a few months to a few years. 

Factors that can affect the progress of treatment include:

With the help of Dr. Rick, you will learn more about the individual needs of your teeth and find the most suitable treatment for your new, glowing smile.

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Can You Have Braces Taken Off Early?

As the structures in your mouth adjust to wearing braces, they gradually move into the proper position. Removing your braces too soon or forcing your teeth to move too quickly can cause future problems and additional costs.  

Removing your braces or stopping an adjustment too early can cause:

Risinger Orthodontics recommends staying the course with patience for the reward of a winning smile with no orthodontic or dental complications.

How To Ensure You Get Your Braces Off On Time

While we usually do not recommend removing your braces early, we encourage you to take control of your treatment plan by taking care of your braces.

Some of the ways you can keep your treatment time on schedule:

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